Positive & motivating


After buying Victoria's 'See a Better Future - Live a Better Life' book and tarot card set, I went to Victoria for a reading to help guide me around some work and career choices; Victoria used a combination of my natal astrology chart and tarot cards to give me very practical, clear advice about how to proceed, and at the same time helping me understand why I might think and behave as I do.


Victoria is very gifted at sharing information and advice in a way which is positive, energetic and motivating, structured very carefully into small, easy to follow steps which do not overwhelm you!


Instead I felt ready to embrace my new career pathway, confident and reassured, and knew what I needed to do to help me achieve this!

Thank you so much Victoria!     Anna



Had my first ever reading, thank you it was very thought provoking. Impressed!


Truthful & insightful


I have been receiving readings from Vizions for over a year and they are always spot on. These reading are truthful honest and help you reframe your thoughts. The readings cannot tell you what to do, however they make you aware of your subconscious and the thoughts and feelings and how they can be perceived. I would fully recommend these readings I look forward to my monthly reading and sometimes ask for additional help when I need it.


Great, insightful responsive I love it.


Comfort & clarity


I contacted Victoria for a tarot reading as I felt a little bit stuck in a rut. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect and wondered if it would be a bit 'generic'. She asked me some questions and then provided a very detailed chart and explanation. It was so detailed in fact that I had to read it a few times to take it all in!!


Victoria explained things very well and gave me an understanding of what certain cards meant. The reading provided a lot of insight, gave me a real source of comfort and clarity for my future decisions. Victoria has a very gentle, kind and empathic manner and I would definitely recommend her readings.