Tarot Epistemology!

Over the many years I have been reading the Tarot, I learned that by keeping a daily diary of the cards I drew that patterns began to emerge, patterns that gave me answers or knowledge that, strangely, I was already aware of; like they were guiding me to know what I already knew – weird right?

Is it? In my book “See a Better Future, Live a Better Life” I mention Plato and his Epistemology philosophy briefly, where every new idea isn’t ‘learned’ but actually just ‘recalled’. He believed that our souls existed long before we were born, already loaded with knowledge and ideas. The philosophy that everything we discover, learn and invent was already inside us waiting to be found.

This could be evident in some strange occurrences when brilliant minds seem to discover things at the same time. For instance, when Sir Isaac Newton discovered calculus in the 17th century, so did Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz almost simultaneously. When Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered oxygen in the 18th century, again, several others, such as Joseph Priestley and Antoine Lavoisier discovered it too; this seems to be a common pattern in the sciences… but is this coincidence?

When I draw a Tarot card, I always speak and connect to my Spirit Guide first. His name is Paul, or at least, that’s the name I think he said it was! Perhaps he isn’t my Spirit-Guide at all, but my Soul, travelling with my bodily vessel through my time and space, containing knowledge, that if I become open to it, I can gain and learn – or ‘recall’ information that was actually always inside of me. Connecting me to the life path that this phase of my Soul’s journey has already mapped for me.

I truly believe that we still have a choice. Yes, there is a map, a map that was planned from the immediate moment of birth, like the planets and signs in a natal birth chart… Though we still have a choice and decisions to make to how we reach our final destination. An infinite number of choices and decisions, which can make our journey as tough or as smooth as possible. It’s not a direct A to B route.

I profoundly trust that The Tarot is a link between my conscious brain and my Soul. The evidence I have experienced over the years confirms this for me because each time I draw a card ‘it knows’ what energy I need to focus on to make the RIGHT decisions, it takes all the guesswork out of making any decisions I have to make by listening to my instincts… and this over time, confirms that I do have a connection to my Soul. Which tells me, Tarot is an amazing tool that open’s up our subconscious and allows us to access information that ordinarily we wouldn’t be privy to! Give it a go and let me know what you think!

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