Sword at the ready!

Happy Friday 20th March 2020 – Spring Equinox (Vernal Equinox), that moment in the year when the Sun is exactly above the Equator and day and night are of equal length! And it’s a welcome time because we have been granted the pep-talking energy of the Page of Swords!

I would like to comment to the Covid-19 outbreak with a message from this little Page and it’s one of using common sense and thinking out of the box. Try and figure stuff out for yourself and don’t always believe everything you are told. He is a logical young soul who is able to look at things with fresh eyes. We may have grown a little complacent over the last few weeks, but this fellow will renew our energy to keep the momentum and do the right thing.

If you are self-isolating or having to work from home to avoid the continued spread of this virus, what an excellent time to gather new information and explore new ideas – this is certainly a good time to start new projects, away from the crowds, in the solitary of your brilliantly sharp mind.

This Equinox is a good time to heal, so perhaps this sharp Swords is a key indication that the medical field could have some breakthrough’s in the coming weeks which will benefit the wellbeing of all. So, stay sharp, vigilant and safe…. You have the brainpower, now use it for the good of all. xxxx

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