March 2020

Welcome to our March reading, and this month we are blessed with the same card as yesterday; the Ten of Pentacles! This is a great omen that we are doing things right and we have got our act together and have moved forwards with our plans, dreams and ambitions.

March looks like a month of contentment and accomplishment and we should be feeling proud that we have achieved something amazing on our Souls quest, so let’s take one moment to be thankful. Though this Ten could also signify getting things in order too, perhaps it’s time to sort some stuff out and start a little spring cleaning… clutter surrounding us can clutter our minds.

Yesterday the Ten of Pentacles was about popping that question… this month is about believing that we deserve the best and if we believe, then we shall receive. So, do you believe that you deserve the best… you should answer YES because you’re gonna get it AND be able to share it with everyone you care about too!

We’ve worked hard since New Year, showing others that we meant business with the Seven of Wands and had clear objections on the path we were taking, during February preparing ourselves for take-off with the Page of Wands and now we are in a position to rake in our rewards carried by the 2020 supporting energy of the Strength card. All things are going exactly where they should be, take a look around, we have everything we need surrounding us, we are blessed xxxx

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