Connecting to your Soul

A Tarot reading is the act of interpreting the cards based on the understanding that wisdom from some ‘other source’ will come to us through the cards. I use the Tarot because it is one of the best tools I have found to make the voice of my Spirit Guide more available consciously. The ideas, images and feelings that emerge as I work through a reading are a message from my Spirit Guide. How do I know there is a message, and it’s not just my imagination? I don’t, really. I can only trust my experience and see what happens.

We are meant by nature to rely on the wisdom of our Inner Guide, just like all the animal species on earth, but somehow, we have forgotten how to access it. We trust our conscious minds instead and forget to look deeper. Our conscious minds are clever, but unfortunately, they just don’t have the full awareness we need to make appropriate choices day by day. When we are operating from our conscious mind, we often feel that events in our lives are all just by chance. Life seems to have little purpose, and we suffer because we do not really understand who we are and what we want.

Each of us has an Inner Guide that serves as a fountain of meaning for us. Our Inner Guide is always with us because it is a part of us. We can’t destroy this connection, but we can ignore it. When we reach for our Tarot deck, we signal to our Inner Guide that we are open to its wisdom. This simple act of faith allows us to become aware of the guidance that was always there for us. When we know how to access our Inner Guide, we experience life a bit differently. We have the certainty and peace that comes from aligning our conscious mind with our inner purpose. Our path becomes more joyous, and we see more clearly how we bring together our strengths, weaknesses and the scattered elements of our lives to fulfil our destinies.

At first, we may have to accept this on faith, but after a while we will receive the “proof” we need in the results we experience in our lives. If we can learn to approach the cards with trust, our Tarot readings will elevate.

Before asking a question, be thankful for receiving guiding information and ground yourself by having both feet on the ground, back straight and take some meditative deep breaths as you hold or shuffle your cards. Say an affirmation or prayer first, I always have a quick chat with my Spirit Guide first; whatever feels right for you. How you shuffle or cut the cards is strictly up to you, however you feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong.

By drawing just one card a day and referring to my easy to follow and understand book “See a Better Future, Live a Better Life”, you can connect with the energy of that chosen card, ask yourself the questions in the book that have been specifically designed for self-discovery, mindful development and to expand your intuition and trust your Inner-Voice and meditate inside the card to find a solution, build a clearer sense of purpose and better understand the nuances of your mind.

By drawing one card and using my book every day you will begin to feel the benefits of looking deeper, as there is so much information one card can tell you. You can become more self-aware and tune into your Inner-Voice to take full responsibility and control of your life, which in turn will lead you to feeling happier and more fulfilled.

Keep a journal of your daily card and you may begin to see patterns emerging and start to build a picture of your Inner-Self to guide you to a better future. Why not try it?

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