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NEW A guide to


through the Tarot

by Victoria Lowery

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My Book

My book See a Better Future, Live a Better Life connects you with the Tarot for self-discovery and mindfulness like nothing I have ever seen or read before. It took me many years to prepare, write and design in such a way that it might appeal to a wider audience, not just expert Tarot readers or regular Tarot users.

I believe this book is for everyone. For me it's a fantastic tool that I use every day. It helps me stay connected to myself, to be more aware and in the moment and it wakes me up! 


Sometimes, we can be so busy just getting on with our lives that we forget to be thankful, we forget to feel proud of what we have already achieved, and we forget that we still have more to achieve in the future. We can feel lost and not know which path to choose. I feel that with the help of my book and my matching easy reference cards, every day, you can become more connected to yourself too, and awaken your true self and your destiny.

Connect to your Inner-Voice today!